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I once started a blog, but that ended the day it started. I always thought bloggers were really cool people because they were always so insightful and utilized such big words. I’ve never really been the most “insightful” writer or one who used big words. I’ve always felt my thoughts would never make much of an impact in the world, so why even put myself out there? However, today I figured why not blog? It can’t hurt.

When I was a young, adolescent child, I always carried around a diary with my deepest, darkest secrets. I always kept a key with me just in case my parents or sister (who has stolen my diary before) would ever find it and decide to take a peak in it. Writing down my every made me feel as if I was, in a way, figuring myself out and discovering my identity.

Looking through my old diaries and current one makes me feel satisfied knowing that I have accomplished and surpassed many obstacles and tribulations throughout my short 22 years.

I can only hope that my blogging, hopefully a long-term hobby, relates and has purpose to someone else. I’ll definitely try my hardest to continue sharing my achievements and adventures through my blog. Well, I may not share my deepest, darkest secrets, but you get the picture.

Feel free to follow me on my journey of the unknown yet exciting ride that is life. Be on the look out for my next blog!


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